Extended program for outstation families

For Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) & other related Developmental Disorder

When a child is diagnosed, there are many unexpected questions and difficulties that a family is seldom prepared to deal with. But, there's no need to worry. Depending on the family's needs, training can be received in either a group or individualized setting.

The philosophy of work is based on positive approaches and acceptance of every individual; with a challenge as well as the family members. It shall involve-

·         Orientation & Understanding Autism/Other Developmental Disorders

·         Formal Diagnosis &Functional assessments

·         Biomedical Interventions

·         Individualized Educational programs (IEPs)

·         Demonstration classes by the team

·         Family counseling

·         Discussion of the “how “to execute the home plans developed for the child/ person.





CCAW believes in strengthening family structures and empowering parents and families living outside New Delhi. Therefore, our program”Extended program for outstation families”focuses on different behavioral supports for the family and how to implement the same in the natural environment (home and community).The family shall need to visit the center only once in three to six months.In this programme the outstation families can receive an intensive three-day or five day programme (depending upon the duration of the visit) of observation, counseling, work sessions with the child, feedback and discussion. Also, regular updates of ongoing Trainings for outstation families will be provided. 

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